Bringin' it Back

I'm bringing sexy back.

Okay, not sexy.  Just iPhone Friday.  Which is almost as good.  But not really.  Not at all.


Here are a few photos from the handy dandy phone this week.

These are quite possibly the grossest cookies ever in the history of forever.  Thanks, Pinterest.

 Chris's work family is awesome.  Especially when they keep bees.
 Oh, local  yarn store.  How I love thee.
 We've had this bib since Baby Lucas days.  Freaky.  Why do all these ducks look like they're on meth?
 Super hero underwear.  Oh, glory, glory happy day.  Made Max's day!

 Sweet chubby baby arms...  Chris slept on this sheet when he was tiny.
 Lunch date.
 Sesame Street.  Upside-Downton Abbey.  Pure awesomeness.

 Bedtime.  Obviously.
 Superman costume.  In the crib we moved him out of over a month ago.  An hour past bedtime.  Yogurt on his face.  Whateves, man.  Whateves.  Daddy's been out of town most of the week and this Mama is TIRED.  

Happy Friday, Gentle Reader!  Daddy's coming home tonight and I'm a happy lady!

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