iPhone Friday

Welcome to iPhone Friday!  Or Maybe I should call it iFone Friday?  Or iPhone Phriday?  Anyhoo...

I've decided to start making it a thing.  Every Friday I'll post photos of our crazy little life that I've taken with my iPhone.  iFone?  

Not all of them, but enough.  I need to figure out how to make a collage so you don't have to scroll so much.  Sorry Gentle Reader.  I'll get right on that.  I have nothing else going on.  Sheesh.  Pushy.
 Max and I on a middle of the week lunch date.  Just the two of us!

 hungry dragon...
 A self portrait in LEGO.
 Our backyard.  I wish I could enjoy it without sneezing my head off!
 A day at the park
 Dang.  I love these two tall drinks of water.

 Friends Forever...
 A dear friend brought me treats one afternoon.  Just because she likes me.  Isn't that nice?

 Watching home movies after school.  The boys love to see themselves on TV!
Oh, that's a sad baby.

 That was a seriously bubbly bubble bath.  I think I may have created a monster.  They LOVED it.

Happy Friday!  

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