Celebrating Seven

Lucas's birthday celebration started with donuts.  Like every proper celebration should.  I tried, oh how I tried...  To talk him into taking a healthier treat to school for his birthday.  But he wouldn't hear of it.  It had to be donuts.  Okay then, seven year old.  Donuts it is.
A room of first graders with their tummies full of sugary donuts and chocolate on their faces at 10:00 am on a school day.  Bye bye!  It's time for me to leave now!  Buckle down and learn those lessons, you sugared up bunch of wild animals!

Next in the celebration queue, part-ay.  You have to understand that birthday parties are a pretty big deal at our house.  The boys decide months in advance what the theme their birthday party will be and what kind of cake I will make them.  I've been trying to convince them how much fun it would be to have a party where all of the kids get to decorate their own cupcake.  (I know!  I'm brilliant, aren't I?) But so far, nobody's going for it.

The theme for Lucas's party this year was Angry Birds.  Because he's a seven year old boy.  Of course he needed an Angry Birds Birthday.
I have always made the boys' birthday cakes myself.  But I've been so sick lately that I had to have a little help.  My lovely and very talented friend made these.  Why do I always insist on doing it myself every year?  This year was awesome!
Lucas was beside himself with rapturous delight...
I ensured that all of Lucas's friends parents would love me by sending them all home with sling shots.  But every kid needs a sling shot, right?  We used them for a game where the kids tried to knock down the piggies with a little rubbery bird and their new sling shot.  Seriously.  A big hit.
This game was a lot harder than it looked!  But Laura was tenacious.  She wouldn't give up until she had knocked down all three piggies.  She did it.  Because she's War-wah.  And she rocks a sling shot.
After taking this shot of Laura I made a joke about a Caravaggio painting that none of these uncultured whipper-snappers got...  Caravaggio?  David with the Head of Goliath, anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller??  Aww, come on!!


Here's an adorable baby.  It's a good thing there's a baby in my belly or this little man would cause me physical pain.  Too.  Cute.
It's good to have friends to help you open your birthday presents.  How else could you get it all done?  So much work...
 Sometimes, Lucas really doesn't like the Happy Birthday song.  So we didn't sing it.  And birthday candle blowing outness happened faster than I could catch...
 That's a supportive little bro, right there.
And then finally...  Ending the Lucas is Seven Happy Birthday Extravaganza with dinner at PF Changs.  Because it was Lucas's birthday.  And we wouldn't dare eat anywhere else.
 Hooray for seven!!!

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