Sick. And Knitting.

I didn't blog last week.  Sorry, Mom...  But here's the deal.  I've been sick as a dog.  A dog with the mother of all sinus infections.  The Mother, I tell you.  The freaking MOTHER.   And mother of a sinus infection or no, I still have this dude to hang out with all day.  He still wants to eat and stuff.  And have his diaper changed and stuff.  And be the center of the universe and stuff.
And there are brothers too...  That need to go to school and violin lessons ad stuff.  No one respects the evil power of the Mother of all Sinus Infections.  (It has a proper name now.  It's an evil super villain.  Pretty sure she wears a cape.  An evil cape.)

But I have taken up a new hobby.  Which is a good thing, because with three boys and one on the way, a bajillion loads of laundry, dirty bathrooms, a car that could be a special on Hoarders, and a new camera lens to play with, I don't have nearly enough to do.

 Let me just tell you that I am not good at knitting.  Not good at all.  Like...  bad.  I pick up the knitting needles, and suddenly I have horse hooves instead of hands.  And believe you me, it's not so easy to knit when you've got horse hooves for hands.  But I will persevere.  Because Christmas is only four short months away.  And my husband is getting a pair of these bad boys under the tree.

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