First Day of School! First Day of School!

Okay, so the first day of school was actually almost two weeks ago.  But come on, cut a girl some slack. I've been all knocked up and stuff.  That makes a girl tired.  And behind on the blogging.  And the laundry.  Oh...  the laundry...

But speaking of being knocked up, thank you everyone for all of your kind comments here, and on facebook yesterday.  We're all pretty excited.  Especially Lucas and Max.  Those boys are 

over.  the.  moon.  

So, anyways.  First day of school.  First day of first grade.  The obligatory Front Porch on the First Day of School in my School Clothes photo.  Look at that kid...  who is that cool guy??
It was Max's first day of school too.  But not his first day of 1st grade, but his first day of school.


He was pretty excited, but I think he was also a little nervous.  To calm his pre-K jitters, he donned his pirate hat and talked only in his Pirate Ghost from Scooby Doo voice.  
 Isn't that what you do when you get nervous?
 Swinging around a big sword also helps with the nerves.  You should try it sometime.  But only if you talk in a Pirate Ghost from Scooby Doo voice.  If not, people will look at you funny.

Hey, don't you want to hold Mommy's hand?  Hey!  HEY!
 He didn't.  Neither did this one.
Dude.  I know.  Moms...
Lucas with his new teacher.  He hearts her.  Like, big puffy, shiny, glittery heart kind of hearts her.  Even though the look on his face says contrary.  That's not an, "I heart my teacher" face.  That's more of a, "I think she's going to eat me" kind of face.  She didn't, by the way.
And in case you are wondering...  Yes.  That is a Betty Crocker cupcake magazine and a Williams-Sonoma summer catalogue on Lucas's desk.  Yes.  Yes it is.
Get to work, kid.

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