Winter White.  Calm.  Classic Gray.  Winds Breath.  Bunny Gray.  Grand Teton White.  Acadia White.  Glacier White.  American White.  Dove Wing.  Pale Oak.  Ice Cap.  Seattle Gray.  Horizon.  White Dove.  Silver Satin.  Seaperarl.  Pale Oak.  Arctic Gray.  Sweet Cream.  Subtle Ivory.  Wickham Gray.  Cloud Cover.  Collingwood.  Distant Gray.  Alaskan Husky.  Sleigh Bells.
So.  So.  So many shades of white.  Pinkish whites.  Ick.  Blueish whites.  Very blueish whites.  Grayish whites.  Greenish whites.  Warm, buttery whites.  It may look here like twelve cans of very similar shades of white, but no.  No, they are twelve cans of very different shades of white.
After Chris brought home six different samples, it was my turn.  Opaline. Opaline is the answer.  I'm sure of it.  Ummmm...  No.  Next I was pretty sure Balboa Mist was the key to master bedroom bliss.  It wasn't.  As it turns out, Balboa Mist is the exact color that the previous owners of our house used.  I tried to freshen up our room using the exact same shade of grayish white it was already painted.  hmmm...
What does this say about me?
Never mind.  I don't want to know.  

Did you know there are also a hundred million thousand trillion subtly different shades and styles of carpet?  I know because I have all of them stacked in a corner of my bedroom.  All of them.

Save me.


Lib Perry said...

I feel your pain!! I recently painted my bedroom from a horrible, horrible deep purple (seriously felt like I was living inside a grape) to a beautiful what they call linen ivory. Bliss. Pure bliss and serenity in my room now.

Lugina said...

Did you pick a white? I want to paint our kitchen cabinets white and there are WAY too many choices.

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