Street Cred, or Green Christmas Poop

My friend Carrie and I feel pretty tough when we get together.  There's a certain amount of street cred  that comes with seven kids.  Seven kids between us.  Oy.
Lucas and his BFF, Laura.
Don't worry.  No babies were harmed for this photo...  Little Man loved it!
 Earlier, he had green sidewalk chalk in his hair.  He looked like a tiny little Hulk.
It was actually a rather adventurous evening for Carrie and I.  See?  Street cred.  One of us, (I won't tell you who) lost her keys.  hmmm...  Not like forever lost her keys, just annoying 30 minutes for a play date lost her keys.  And the other mommy, and I'm not telling who, had one of her sweet children pull down his pants and poop in the yard.   That's right.  Carefully and responsibly pull down his underwear, and poop in the grass.  Green poop.  He later informed me.  Green Christmas poop.  

You're welcome for that.

Anyhoo...  Here's Lucas.  Very serious.  Driving responsibly.
And here's Laura.  Responsibly playing with sidewalk chalk.  Not pooping in the grass.
 We love you, summer.  Big kiss.  Right on the mouth.

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