Harry of the Goats

Harry has found his true place in the world.  It is among the goats.  Lucky for him, there are goats and sheep in the children's area of our zoo.  Otherwise he might never had learned of his true calling.
Hello, my goat brother.  I appreciate your solemnity.
Hey, goat brother.  What happens if I...
Poke you right in your wild, creepy looking, vertical pupiled eye?
This baby goat just hid in a feeding trough and shook with terror.  Which, really was stupid.  Baby goat just made himself tempting and perfectly at eye level.  
But don't worry about Baby Goat.  Harry of the Goats got distracted...
You guys saved a place for me!  That is so awesome!  Goats...  So thoughtful.  
Yes I would like some salt lick, thank you very much!
And let me tell you, there is a general roar of approval and smug satisfaction around the petting zoo when a small child bellies up to the salt lick.  The other parents are thrilled, overjoyed to witness the indisputable proof of their own parenting prowess.  Seeing another woman's child licking a barn yard salt lick makes them feel like an excellent parent like no hand made card ever could.  So you are welcome, parents.  
What, Mom?  I'm just kickin' it with my peeps.  These are my people.  My goats.
I am Harry.  Harry of the Goats.
Okay, fine.  Now I'm Harry of the Alligators.
Where do they keep the salt lick around here?

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