Almost Here...

Valentine's, excuse me, I mean, Valentime's (that's how my boys pronounce it) Day is almost here...

Time for little paper valentine cards, cheap chocolates, tiny chalk flavored hearts...

The boys are so excited.

They have no idea that Valentine's Day is supposed to be for lovers, they think that it's just for them.  But I suppose that's my fault, isn't it?

Not that Lucas will be hurting in that department, if Kindergarten is any kind of litmus test for romance in one's academic career.

The other day he told me, Mom, when one person likes another person, that's called kissing.

Excuse me?  What?  What's that, my darling baby?  My sweet, angelic firstborn?

He then, later that evening casually rattled off a list of girls who have kissed him on recess.


Ah, well.

I suppose there are worst things your child can come home saying.

Like, Mom, do you know how may erasers fit in my nose?  or,  Mom!  I can hold my breath under water in the toilet for 83 whole seconds!  or, Look, Mom!  Teacher's credit card!

I'll leave those to Max.

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Anonymous said...

That is really funny!

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