Wolfie- An Introduction

Now it's time on So Many Joyful Noises for me to show you all what a weirdo I am.

I know.

You already know.

Allow me to begin with a little bit of a background story.

About six or seven years ago (or eight.  nine, or ten.), my brother had a plan.  A big plan.  A plan that we talked on the phone about in great depth.  A plan that had us both giggling with glee and rubbing our hands together with delicious, super villain anticipation.  This plan involved a wolf man mask.

And our mother.

We talked out several different plans of how to scare the holy phooey out of her...  A few different scenarios.  We waded around in the planning stage for some weeks until our fingers got all pruny with maniacal, greedy revelry.  Bliss, Gentle Reader.  Mean spirited bliss.  (Now is the part where you feel sorry for my Mom.)

In the end, Michael decided that simple was best.  Neat.  Clean.  Elegant.  He donned the wolf man mask, and stood quietly in the hallway waiting for Mom to come out of the kitchen.  No growls, no claws...  Just a dark silent figure with a wolf man face.


I don't want to embarrass my mother...

But okay.

She screamed bloody murder and ran into the wall trying to run away.

ahhh....  still brings a smile to my face.

I know.  I'm rotten.  And I've got it coming to me, and three boys who will no doubt be more than happy to deliver.

So on my brother's birthday last week, I ordered this.

And, no.  It is not a doll.  It is an eight inch posable action figure, thank you very much.

May I introduce to you...


He's pretty awesome.

Is that?  Yes.  Yes it is.  That is Wolf Man chest hair.  hilarious.

Wolfie!  This is a family blog!

He and I are embarking on a quirky little photography project together.  I don't want to say it's to honor my brother...  that would have made him roll his eyes for sure.  It's really just a way for me to remember good things, happy times...  and I know Michael would have gotten a kick out of it.


Yeahhh...  probably.

So Wolfie is going to be doing all kinds of things for a while...  I have this vision of myself as a crazy person smelling of cats... who has her entire house filled with realistic dioramas for her little dolls to live in...  you know.  Wolfie going to the grocery store.  Wolfie working hard bringing in the harvest.  Wolfie at the fair.  yikes.  I will diligently try, Gentle Reader to not turn into that particular brand of serial killer.  Wolfie won't be having that much fun.

But I am thinking of some kind of Valentine's Day scene...  And that probably makes me a twisted individual.  Rock on with your bad self, Wolfie.


xo katrina said...

umm ok i will admit this is a little weird. kind of like your own version of elf on a shelf? LOL you are so funny!

Anonymous said...

OH yes, I remember it well. I can tell, I am going to love this project.

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