Hot Glue Saves the World. Again.

Gingerbread houses.

Of course kids love to make gingerbread houses.

But, dang.  Those little kits they sell at the grocery store are ten bucks!  Times three!

So, I use a little trick that I learned in my elementary days...  Not my elementary days, I mean my elementary teaching days.  Anyway...

Graham crackers!  But at the school cafeteria, they have those little milk cartons that make perfect little structures to hold up your graham cracker walls.  I don't have little milk cartons.  I don't have a cafeteria.  Well, I have a kitchen island, and I guess that counts, right?

So I use...

Hot glue.

That's right.

I hot glue their little knock off gingerbread houses together with my hot glue gun.

They don't complain, so you don't either, Gentle Reader.  We do what we have to in this mad, mad world.  At least they stayed together this year, not like the poor little house from last year...

Would you look at that.  Structurally sound, friends.  Graham crackers and hot glue.  Soon we'll all be living in houses made of graham crackers and hot glue.  And have rocket packs on our backs.  And take all of our meals in little capsule form.  And wear shiny, silver clothes.  And have robots that do all our housework.

But I digress.

Harry's helping.  By taking everything out of the cabinets.  He's Mama's little helper.

Lucas ate as much candy as he put on his little house, I'm pretty sure of it.

And Max just put on as much candy as he possibly could.  Of course he did.

And since Harry was so busy wreaking havoc being a sweet little baby, I made him a gingerbread house too.

And now they've found their place in the world, on the bookshelf right above Dostoevsky.  Because as everyone knows, gingerbread houses and Russian literature go together like a wink and a smile.

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