playing lions

Sometimes, the big boys and I play a little game called "Lions".  I never thought anything about it...  I thought all moms probably played something like "Lions" with their kids.

Until I told Chris about it.  His reaction made me think that maybe not everyone plays "Lions" quite like we do at our house.

So here's what we do.

I am the mommy lion, and Lucas and Max are my cubs.  Nothing wrong with that, right?

Apparently, our particular family of lions has a pet poodle.  huh.  okay.

Then, I leave my cubs safe and sound up a tree (on a chair), and I go hunting.  Again, pretty normal.

I bound off down the hallway with a "mowww!" which always makes my cubs giggle.  Then I come back with my fresh kill in my mouth.

What?  You don't do that?

It can be anything I find, really.  Wildebeest, monkey...  A butterfly, you know.  Whatever I find on the savanna.  Then my cubs gobble it up.  They rip and tear off the plush flesh, making sure to get all the good parts...  you know.  Just like you play with your kids in your living room.

Then it's bath time.  Which means, I pretend to lick them down, just like a mother lion would.  I don't actually lick my cubs...  We are just playing.  You know how it is when you pretend to be  a mother lion and it's bath time, I don't need to explain this to you.  You know the drill.

Then we all lay down on the carpet, and it's bedtime on the savanna.

Just like your house, right?

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