Random Monday

Here it is.

Lucas's birthday week.

Here it is.

The panic.

The, "Oh, poopers.  Poopers, poopers, poopers.  Not.  Ready."

Harrison is walking.

Max is crawling. Like a jaguar.

Lucas is jumping on the bed.  Well, right now he is at school.  But if he were home, he might be jumping on my bed.  But probably reading a book.

My blog is getting a makeover!  SO EXCITED.  Maybe this week??  I've been working on it with my new best friend, Jackie, who I met from her etsy shop, and judging from her little thumbnail pic, she has red hair.

Did you know I love etsy?  I want to marry it.  I know that's against the law, I'm already married.  And you can't marry a website.  But I wish you could.

I have so much to do it makes my tummy hurt.

I wish my cousin Jasmine were here.  With her lists and her label maker.  She would make it all better.

Max and Lucas HATE punk music.  Oh, I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.

The laundry and the dishes have teamed up and they are most certainly out to get me.

But, here's my baby's birthday invitation.  That makes me happy.

1 comment:

Autumn Brown said...

Happy Birthday Lucas! (Come jump on my bed anytime!)

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