Green Eggs and Ham


Have you met him?

He's got some pretty strong ideas about the way things should be done.  That he should wear socks and fleece snowman pajamas on 110 degree Oklahoma days, for example.  And that fruits and vegetables are the devil.

So, apples and peas...  no.

But scrambled eggs... yes.

Especially if they are green.

Let me tell you, Gentle Reader.

The other humans that live in this house are SO.





Except for my Lucas, of course.  And Harry doesn't seem to mind.

But the rest of us...

We get our own yellow batch.  Yellow.  The way God intended.


You start off with an egg.  Well, two really.  Lukey Boy likes his green eggs.  Three if he's sharing with Harry.

Then, you add a drop of blue food coloring.  Yes.  Remember your color wheel, friends? The yellow from the natural, God intended yellow egg, mixed with the blue, equals a very nauseating green.  Oh, happy day.

Here's the trick, though.  one drop can color all five of these eggs...  So if you're only doing one or two eggs, you may want to spoon out some of the dye.  Or else you will have blue eggs.  And that is just ridiculous.  Who the heck would want to eat blue eggs? 

Then you beat them until they beg for mercy.  And look gross.

But, really...  He isn't going to think this is cool forever.  So I just roll around in it.  I get in it up to my chin until my fingers get all pruny with childhood.  Yes, you can have green eggs.  Someday, Green Eggs and Ham will not be your favorite book...  I want to enjoy five years old every second.

 Even when it looks like this...  ewwww...

mmmm...  A little boy's dream breakfast.

Green eggs and my little ham.

1 comment:

Autumn Brown said...

Enjoy your green eggs while you're still young Lukey...you won't be five forever. Just so you know my Green Prince, I'm 36 and Dr Seuss is still my fave!

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