Dear Craft Hope...

Dear Craft Hope,

I must now place you on the long list of good peeps to whom I owe an apology.  An apology for my scatterbrained-ness.  An apology for my inability to do anything in a timely fashion.

Sorry, Craft Hope.

But they're in the mail today, Craft Hope!  Today!  Bracelets in the mail today!

(You can learn more about Craft Hope here.)  

This particular Craft Hope project was making bracelets to send to orphans in Russia.  After reading a little more about the cause I really wanted to participate.  I thought it was a great way to teach my little guys about giving to others.

I was so excited to do this project with the boys.  Very simple, just jersey knit cotton in braids.  Nothing fancy.  And the boys are three and five...  They didn't do much but hold the ends for me, (then let go, or pluck the strings like a bass and make the whole process take twice as long) then pile them up on their little arms.  But it was important to me that they be an active part of the project, and that they understood who the bracelets were for.

It made me smile when Max squealed, "Time to make the presents for the kids!"  when I called them to come make bracelets.  His three year old little heart knows that kids are kids no matter where they are...  and that kids everywhere love presents.

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xo katrina said...

this is so wonderful, mariah. thanks for sharing and inspiring me to do something like this with the boys. with them always receiving...from birthdays, xmas, etc, giving is always such a hard lesson to teach.

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