Nonna's Birthday

Last weekend we celebrated a milestone birthday for my Mother in law.  I am really, really, super blessed.  Anyone who knows her will tell you that she is a wonderful woman.

Nonna is a big time gardener.  Like, crazy for anything with leaves.  Insane.  So we went to a public garden that she had been wanting to go to for a long time.  Lendonwood Gardens?   Lionwood Gardens?  Lionwalk?  Lionlair?  I have no idea.  I've married into a family of green thumbs and I just want to cut the pretties and bring them in the house.  Or eat it.  That's all.

But I digress.

So we go to Lionpaw Gardens.

It really was beautiful.  If you're ever in Grove Oklahoma, you should check out Tigertail Gardens.  (Liontail?  Tigerface.  No...  Pantherwiskers.)

The trees are beautiful, and the hostas are ginormous.  There is a really pretty pond with fish and turtles, with a gorgeous teahouse built overlooking the water.  Guess what was the boys' favorite part was?  Ahh yes.  The turtles.  And fish.

And bridges.

And anything they can climb on.

And mauling Papa.

Don't worry.  He's cool with it.

All in all, a pretty fantastic day.

A great weekend to celebrate a great lady.

Love you, Nonna.  You're the Naomi to my Ruth.


Tania said...

You are blessed. She sounds like a lady awesome beyond description. Made me think of my Nonna. She was like that. She is blessing people in heaven now. So glad to see a glimpse of your family.

annie said...

Ahhh that Nonna and Papa are some pretty grand people:) Harry agrees!

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