Busy Weekend. Random Monday.


Between the birthday celebrations, the wedding Chris and I sang in on Saturday, and weekend guests...

It was a busy weekend.

A wonderful weekend, but a busy one.

I have been wanting to take more food photos, but...  they don't tend to turn out that great.  My 50mm lens lives on my camera, and that is a little too close...

No, that isn't poo.  Thanks for asking.

That would be the stirring step in my chocolate truffles that I made for Chris's birthday instead of a cake.

I can't quite hold the whisk and get far enough away to get a good shot...

I'm working on it.

And now for a few more random tid-bits.

  • Potty training.  Yup.  Still working on it.  What's that?  someone peed at the dinner table?  I'll be right there.
  • Sometimes...  our dog tries to show off and pukes for guests.  I would prefer he stand on his hind legs and dance around to a sprightly polka, but there you go.
  • Sometimes....  babies don't sleep.
  • I really like my husband.  Just thought I'd throw that in there.
  • The wind makes me sneeze.
  • Chris will be out of town for work half the week, I have a kindergarten meeting at the school tonight, and a big birthday bash on Saturday.  I might go insane.
  • Harry is trying to learn how to crawl.  He wants to ruin my life.  Don't worry, I'm not letting him.  I push him down when he tries.  (kidding!  sheesh...)
That's all for now, Gentle Reader.  Happy Monday.

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Autumn Brown said...

Mariah you crack me up! Thanks for the random tidbits....love it!

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