I Love You, Stinkyface

I Love You, Stinkyface.

A great read.

One of our faves.  On the top ten hot pic list.  Good for snuggling.

Maybe because it has the word, stinkyface in it.

This is the part where Lucas likes to stand up and act out the swamp monster page.

Swampy, huh?

I love these stinkyfaces.



Wendy said...

I love book time with my kids =) Mine love acting out we're going on a bear hunt! Their imaginations are amazing!

Sarah B said...

oh what cute pics! can my kids come to your storytime:)?

xo katrina said...

so sweet! ok, we should be friends. really. i have four boys 6 and under! we have to chat about the chaos and laundry. hahahah.

pakosta said...

priceless beyond words these photos are! I LOVE THEM!

Cupcakes and Dirt said...

#56 O boy, it took me all morning to get the linky picture thingy! You know me dumb as a rock blogger. Im #70 that is how long it took me. Great pictures bloggy friend! Hope your day is awesome!

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