Harry #3

Wow, Harry.  That's an impressive amount of drool.

Harrison hasn't been chewing on everything as much as he has been trying to devour it.  I saw very fleetingly today, tiny white specs on the bottom of his gums.  I know what that means...

It could still be months before those toothies poke their way through, but I know they're there!

Every milestone is so bittersweet.  It is so fun and exciting that they are changing and growing so fast.  So wonderful to watch their little personalities unfold.

But at the same time, there is an ache in my heart and my arms for the baby he was six months ago.  I wouldn't want to go back, I am so enjoying him right now. And I don't want to look into the future and miss today.

So, I will just keep my eyes wide open.  Memorize every beautiful fold of skin, every dimple, all those chubby fingers and toes.  Soak in the sound of your giggles, the even rhythm of your breath when you sleep, the smell of the top of your head.

You are a marvelous adventure, sweet Baby.


annie said...

LOVE it...so true.

Aunt Tiffy said...

Harry reminds me so much of Isaac at that age, chubby and all smiles. I think I need to see him soon, I'm having fat baby withdrawals.
And that is an impressive amount of drool and pic of it.

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