Chubby Toddler Hands

I love chubby little toddler hands.

I swoon for them.

I want to kiss, kiss, kiss them.

Even though I know where they've been.

Your hands won't always be little and dimpled.  In fact I think they have already lost some of their baby chubbiness.

But instead of crying over who you were yesterday...

I wonder.

What will those little hands grow to do?

Will they comfort others?

Will they bravely grab life by the reins and enjoy the marvelous ride?

Will they build bridges?  Monuments?  Glorious works of art?

That would be okay.  Better than okay.  That would be great.  But really, I hope for simpler, quieter, more beautiful things for those beloved little hands.

I hope you use them to reach out to others.  I hope they can be a strength for someone else someday.  I hope that they will be a gentle comfort.  I hope they are busy hands.  Hands that are swift to reach down and help, and even quicker to raise up and praise the one who made them.

I'm so looking forward to watching you grow into the man you will become.


Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cute. I have been reading some of your blogs, I really like them. Keep up the good work this will be great memories.

Cherrie Bosch

April Irvin said...

I also love there feeties.Well written my bloggy friend.

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