When Ya Come 'a Callin'

Let me warn you about something.

Something that might be of great importance.

If you come to our house, and I hope you do...

When I offer you cookies...

Politely refuse.


Say you just ate a big lunch.  I will understand.

Feel free to accept some almond toffee.  tea.  potroast.

But do not.


the cookies.

Trust me.  If you have ever made cookies with small children then I do not need to explain the reasons why.

If you have not made cookies with small children...

Just trust me.

You don't want these in your belly.

That is all.



Alanna's Mama said...

That was just.too.fantastic.

I would probably still eat the cookies. snot is love.

Kris said...

What awesomeness

Anonymous said...

love it

Kristine said...

SO cute!! And even better you caught it on film :)

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