Embrace the Chaos

This is exactly what it looks like.  A little boy.  In his pajamas.  Surrounded by every tiny piece, of every game, in this entire house.

Oh, the horror.
I am going to my room now.  To drink coffee, eat chocolate and read Harlaquin Romance novels all by myself.  Okay, not really.  Just to cry bitter, bitter tears.  Feel very sorry for me.

Sad Sad Mama


Mommyof2n10 said...

You are a wonderful and beautiful light to all of us who are privileged enough to have you in our lives. Chaos and all.....the Evans Family is truly a Gift from God to us. Love You, Val

Keeli Droege said...

This can only be compared to what I call "constant crafting" with glue sticks, hundreds of crayons, paint (on everything), markers (how in the world did the permanent one get in there?), the pack of 500+ Barbie stickers..strewn all over the whole downstairs.

Would life be as much fun if our houses were always clean and we could actually sit and drink a whole cup of coffee??


hillary said...

I didn't know you started a blog! I'm looking forward to reading it!


jcmckee51 said...

I think that I have done it.

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